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Diversity and Transformation in the Workplace

Amongst other information to be supplied by the client, an in-depth study of any relevant literature as supplied by Fraser Alexander regarding the project, this baseline will also assist our script so as to align with the objectives of the project,

…we will then furnish the client with a first draft script of the Industrial Theatre based on the information provided,

…the client will then be requested to make changes, additions or omissions to the script regarding characters, situations, content and context as the client sees fit,

..then a second, third, etc and a final draft will be provided for approval.

The content of the script will be developed to align with the current educational and awareness drives that Fraser Alexander is currently activating.

The script will be written in English but translated into all the relevant vernacular or mainly spoken languages within the entire organization.

The dominant and primary Themes of the show will be:


  • Race & Racism [Blunt & Subliminal]
  • Culture Change [Corporate Identity]
  • Discrimination [Entitlement]
  • Isolation [Exclusion]
  • Gender [Power Struggle]
  • Ethnicity [Diversity]

Secondary messages will include:

Background of Company

  • The Vision and Mission
  • Understanding Transformation
  • The different Programs offered by the Company, i.e. [‘’Siyathuthuka’’]


Subliminal Racism: Does speaking Afrikaans make you a racist? Does speaking Zulu or Xhosa or Tswana make you a tribalist? We are introduced to a colleague who is always lacking in his or her job, when reprimanded by an White Afrikaans speaking colleague, he or she accuses her of being racist, always finding excuses for not doing his or her job. If its not religion, it is her culture, if it is not his or her poor background, it is because he or she is black.

Diversity:Because male and female, Black, White, Indian and Coloured, Religious, young and old employees do not really understand what goes on in the lives and minds of their counterparts, sometimes people do things that might offend others, without even realizing it. People also forget that when they are not at work, they are still representing the organization. Here we will show how one should do their best to know all their colleagues, understand them, their backgrounds, why they do certain things, how they feel about their jobs and their lives at work, this instead of making assumptions about our colleagues and imposing ourselves on each other without having done a background check.

Transparency: Dubbed: ‘’the Crocodile Smile’’.When people attempt to open up about their real feelings, it can sometimes be very destructive. This scene will show how different people really are. A smile is not laughter, laughter is not love. A senior employee will talk to his or her friends behind closed doors about how they really feel about Diversity and Transformation, BEE, Women in Power etc.

Entitlement:The idea of entitlement has become a problem in the workplace, especially among high ranking employees. The focus on the work and commitment to the vision comes across as arrogant and the quest for material gain becomes more important as opposed to true success. Two males talk about how they enjoy the benefits and rewards of their jobs. They dismiss all attempts by the organization to try and unite the workforce and increase productivity as meaningless. They see their levels of employment as a passport to success as opposed to adding value to their organization.

These and other themes, yet to be supplied by the client will be communicated in the Industrial Theatre. In the Industrial Theatre, the actors will also highlight how Diversity and Transformation will affect not only the employees’ life in a positive way but also the entire organization in general and how that can change lives for the better.

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