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16 Days Of Activism / Women Empowerment In The Workplace

25 Nov. – 10 Dec.: We will use Industrial Theatre to mark the 16 days of activism against violence on women and children. It is important that during this period we also remember to uphold and respect the rights of women and children, including their right to protection from infection with HIV. A large amount of women are unfortunately still unable to negotiate for protection due to unequal power relations in relationships, be it at home, at leisure or in the workplace.

For this particular intervention, we suggest the use of Forum Theatre techniques in order to achieve our objectives. In Forum Theatre, the play will be divided into short modules or scenarios, each representing a particular heading and each heading covering an aspect/s of the issues or key messages. Each of these modules is an individual ‘sketch’ enacted by our Professional Performers who move in and out of their characters. Our Plays will have a Beginning (presenting the issue), Middle (showing the effect of the issue) and an End (providing possible solutions to the issue).

In order to make it accessible and entertaining, there will be a large amount of audience participation. Through audience volunteers taking part in scenarios, impromptu sing along songs.

At various intervals, audiences will be encouraged to come on-stage and role-play some of the characters in an attempt to change the course of those characters lives towards their own ideal endings, this will stamp a sense of ownership in the minds of the audience whereby they will feel that a particular character conquered because of their inputs.

Our play will utilize a lot of humor and entertainment rather than didactic lecturing as an approach. The characters will illustrate a series of recognizable contexts and situations representing the audiences’ lives at work and at home, and in this way the audience will identify themselves, their environment and their situations in a fun and non-offensive and non-confrontational context. However, the message delivered will still be clear, hard hitting and direct and always aimed at the results.

The objectives of this form of intervention are as follows:

  • To recognize Women as catalysts of the South African Democracy;
  • To create and sustain Awareness around issues of Women empowerment in the workplace;
  • To challenge all Women to take personal Responsibility for their own lives and those of their children;
  • To encourage both Men and Women to look at themselves and interrogate their own behaviors in a non-threatening way.
  • To foster a sense of Respect and Pride in our Women;
  • To challenge Women to strive for greater heights;
  • To bridge the Status gap which has been created between Men and Women;
  • To encourage both Women and Men to work in harmony instead of against each other;
  • To foster a sense of unison, alignment and teamwork within the entire organization;
  • To discourage the fear of the unknown to those who feel threatened by the rise of the new South African Woman, especially in the workplace.