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Change Management

Every organization has its own unique set of circumstances, it is never a one size fits all. It is very important for us to meet with the client so we can get an idea of the specific and relevant issues in the particular organization. Below is just an example of some of the scenarios that we have come across.

Entitlement: The idea of entitlement has become a problem in the workplace, especially among high ranking employees. The focus on the work and commitment to the vision comes across as arrogant and the quest for material gain becomes more important as opposed to true success. Two males talk about how they enjoy the benefits and rewards of their jobs. They dismiss all attempts by the organization to try and unite the workforce and increase productivity as meaningless. They see their levels of employment as a passport to success as opposed to adding value to their organization.

Empowerment: Often, in a lot of office environments, we find people being oppressed and due to the fear of being let go, they can’t find their voices to speak out against their oppressors. We will take a look at a manager who instead of really empowering his/her workforce rather puts them down. He does not recognize and appreciate good and hard work, rather he or she discounts it in the most hurt full ways.

Accountability and Responsibility: This section will explore the idea that; ‘’it is easier to complain rather than to look for solutions. Two characters always complain about their work environment yet they do nothing to improve it or address their problem.

Partnering: We can all achieve more when we work together. Some people do well in isolation, but you have not done well at all if the rest of your team is struggling. We will show the benefits of sharing ideas, achievements and difficulties.

To this point, StageFright cc is fully equipped to provide Strategic Communications Solutions for the specific purpose of Change Management.