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HIV/AIDS In The Workplace

“We are called to join the war against HIV/AIDS with the same, and even greater, resolve that we showed in the fight against apartheid. We have to mobilize all of our people, all sectors of society, all our resources and energies.”

Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela

A significant amount of resources and energy dedicated to prevention, treatment and care has increased over the years. It is still not enough. So much more still has to be done. We all need to adopt extraordinary measures to reverse the trends we are seeing in the behaviour and lifestyles of our people, particularly in our workforce. The situation is alarming. We have seen the statistics. For the sake of healthy living which will contribute a lot towards productivity, our workforce needs to be aware and alert of the dangers and measures to take.

Our message is simple and straight to the point, yet light-hearted. We have to fight the spread of HIV amongst our workforce. We need to get rid of the stigma surrounding the epidemic. People need to realize that prevention is our most powerful weapon against the epidemic. All South Africans should ensure that they do not become infected, that they do not infect others and that they know their status. Each individual must take responsibility for protection against HIV and AIDS.

We offer tailor-made programmes and messages to communicate all these issues; INDUSTRIAL THEATRE.

The objective of this Industrial Theatre Play/ Drama/ Performance is to develop and foster a climate whereby all employees will strive for total wellness in their workplace as well as to aim for making wellness a lifestyle.

This Industrial Theatre Play will act as a platform for both staff and management to begin to talk about issues surrounding them in the workplace. It is a unique event that promotes discussion, education, awareness and action.

The objectives of this form of intervention are as follows:

  • To encourage staff to take the HIV test.
  • To recognize all staff as catalysts of the South African Democracy;
  • To create and sustain Awareness around issues of HIV/AIDS in the workplace;
  • To challenge all staff to take personal Responsibility for their own lives;
  • To encourage both Men and Women to look at themselves and interrogate their own behaviors in a non-threatening way.
  • To foster a sense of tolerance amongst the affected and non-affected;
  • To bridge the Status gap which has been created between Men and Women;
  • To discourage the fear of the unknown to those who are scared to find out their HIV status.