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Youth Life Skills

In an effort to recognize our Youths as an integral part of our society, StageFright cc humbly proposes to stage a Forum Theatre presentation for Middle and High School pupils that will physically and mentally challenge Youths whilst providing an avenue for equipping them with life-skills that are necessary to deal with challenges they come across in their daily lives including: Uplifting their Morale, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Substance Abuse and development of interpersonal growth.

Taking on a challenge and having fun is a life-skill in its essence.

Participants must stay together throughout the event and pool their talents and resources together to complete the tasks with optimum success.

One person’s weakness is another’s strength and the Forum Theatre is designed to offer a variety of opportunities to excel.

Our Industrial Theatre Play will act as a platform for both youth and mentors to begin to talk about the issues surrounding them in their daily lives. It is a unique intervention that promotes discussion, education, awareness and action.

The play uses humor and entertainment (Edutainment) rather than didactic lecturing as a strategy. The characters will perform a series of recognizable storylines and situations so that our audience will identify themselves, their environment and their situations in a fun and non-confrontational and non-threatening context. However, the message delivered will still be forthright, hard hitting and direct and always aimed at the message: ‘’Youth Upliftment’’.

The Forum Theatre Performance is based around the stories of two central characters which will perform a variety of stories about Youth Empowerment. Afterwards, the Actors will persuade audience members to come on-stage and try to fix the situations in the storylines; give their IDEAL endings to the stories; i.e.

(Uplifting Morale) this is where we will have characters discussing their future and how they would like to see themselves when they grow up. One character will be optimistic about the future while the other will be pessimistic.

(HIV and AIDS) Here we will show two friends discussing STI’s, we will tackle the issue of peer pressure when these youths actually think that it is cool to have an STI because it is a sign that they had sexual intercourse. We will take it a step further and show the risks, dangers and exposure to HIV and AIDS.

(Substance Abuse) Nyaope, as popularly known in our communities, has become one of the most popular and easiest to find drugs. Here we will discuss the issue of substance abuse, the risks and dangers involved as well as the impact it has on ones future.

(Reproductive Health) This is a scene where we will show a grown up man trying to lure young girls into having sex with him; we will show him in his efforts to tempt these young girls by flashing money and the idea of a good life.

(Positive Values) This scene will try to exert positive values in our youths. We will do this in such a way that the youths themselves will be given an opportunity to identify the wrong from the right, we will communicate the Positive Values to the audiences in a public speaking form, mentioning each and every single one of them, stating their worth as well as their effect.

(Forum Theatre) This is where the first part of the play will end, the audience will be asked to come on-stage and play some of the characters and thus fix their problems, and the audience will be given an opportunity to create life as they would want to see it. Throughout the show, we will tackle different kinds of issues relating to peer pressure, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, etc, their meaning and their worth. Some will be dealt with in their individuality, while others will support each other but the main aim is to harmonize all these Themes and show the impact it will have on all youths when used properly.

To this end, we propose to roll-out this Forum Theatre intervention to pupils, in an effort to reduce, among others, the rate of teenage pregnancy, substance and alcohol abuse, peer pressure as well as to pump back life into our youth’s empty shells and to infuse them with pride and dignity.