Our Acting Coaches


Our Acting Coaches are made up of a network of qualified and experienced Theatre Actors.

  • Their main objective is to assist Non-Actors* to know and understand their characters and their objective in any given scenario so as to be able to grab their audiences attention, win their trust, and respect so that they can sympathise with their characters.
  • They are able to assist clients with spoken-word drama, comedy, music, singing and or dance as well as participatory and improvisational techniques.
  • Our Acting Coaches work with private individuals, unprofessional Actors as well as professional Actors who want to improve their skills.
  • Our Acting coaches will assist clients to connect emotionally with their characters so that they become believable to their audience
  • Our Acting Coaches will assist clients with preparation, memorisation, how to interact with bullets, how to reduce nerves, how to punctuate jokes as well as engaging with the audience. Generally to build confidence.

About our Acting Coaches:

Our Acting Coaches are Free Lancers who are contracted on an hourly rate. Depending on the client’s needs, they offer individual coaching as well as group coaching or even a combination of both. Coaching generally takes place in our own studios but our Coaches are able to travel to the client’s preferred premises. Our Acting Coaches are available in Durban, Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg, and we are able to reach the length and breadth of the country at the client’s request.


We assist the following types of clients:

Corporate CoachingPrivate individualsGroups
Corporate individuals who may be looking to improve their stage presence, and try to minimise their stage fright.People who are completely new to presenting anything in front of an audience or a video camera.Students or learners who struggle to stand in front of their own fellow learners, parents, friends and relatives.
Corporate individuals have to make any type of presentation to any number of audiences like in a board meeting, job interview or even presenting something to colleagues or clients.Private individuals who want to take on acting or comedy as a hobby.Students who want to get into drama schools.
Corporate companies who want to use use drama as a tool to communicate various messages to their employees. Our coaches will assist the employees in coming up with storylines, rehearse them and then perform to each other.Parents who want to use acting as a way of telling stories to their childrenAnybody who might want to start audition for TV, Film and theatre shows.
People in managerial position who may want to improve their public speaking abilities by way of giving speeches or addressing a group of people or any other general communication skills.Children who are interested in acting or live performance.Our coaches will paint a picture about the acting industry, preparing for auditions, the casting process, the role of agents, acting terminology such as stage left, stage right, down stage centre, call back, improv, etc.
-People with social phobia.Anyone who wishes to improve their public speaking abilities.
-Program Directors at a wedding, party, work event or any other event.Any shy people who want to take on a new adventure of standing in-front of people more.
-Singers who want to improve their acting skills.Community theatre groups needing a professional Coach to polish their shows.
-People who want to improve their stand up comedy skills.Private schools needing to improve their school productions.
-Aspiring radio commentators or MC’s.-

How it Works:

During the first session, the client will be filmed presenting any literature of their choice. If the client does not have any, we will provide them with that literature.

Our Acting Coach will work with the client to improve on the delivery and performance of that literature for a number of sessions as per the client’s requirements. Thereafter, on the last session, we will invite other professional actors for a peer review as well as the client’s chosen audiences, be it family members, colleagues or friends for a private performance which will also be filmed for comparison purposes.

We will also have a question and answer session after the final performance. The Client will be supplied with a video of both their performances, a ‘’Before & After’’.

Our main objective is to help our clients to be able to stand in front of a live audience with the sole purpose to inform, persuade and entertain while doing that.