Ambush Theatre

Theatre has the ability to take place anywhere, at any time and to deal with any issue. The beauty of Ambush is that audiences find themselves being performers/participants in an act, without even knowing it. The element of surprise on an unsuspecting audience is it in an office block, workstation, canteen or any other workplace environment.

An unsuspecting audience will be caught by surprise. Because word travels fast through the corridors of any office environment, the Ambush will catch people unawares, will be quick and straight to the point and messages will be clear. Organisers to keep the activation under wraps and only reveal the content or its entire existence to a limited number of people.

A story told about a past event which brings back warm memories. That is exactly what we aim to achieve with our presentation. We aim to take our audiences back, way back, back to where the company came from to where it is today. Past successes, achievements and strides made, to show that it can be done.

The Ambush will be inclusive of audiences. Audiences will be made to feel as if the issues that are being discussed also affect them. They will be drawn into the conversations, encouraged to participate in the acts, give their own opinions on how they see the current status quo and what they think should happen going forward. Audiences will take ownership of the topics discussed and in someway come to their own conclusions.