Educational Theatre

In the last few years, there has been a focus on using educational theatre to improve communication, teachings and education with children.

A professional team of trained and experienced actor/teachers, who prepare relevant material/project/experiment to be presented in schools often involving more than one visit. These programmes are usually devised and researched by the team/teachers and are for small groups of one or two classes of a specific age.

StageFright has produced Children’s Theatre to bring about awareness relating to Youth Life Skills and Empowerment, Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

The aim of the programmes is essentially educational, and uses theatre, drama in education and teaching techniques to gain these ends. This work provides an educational aid, resource and stimulus for both teaches and pupils, but to do so it may vary from place to place, total participation sessions to performance and discussion. Theatre in Education can be considered as a method of work used by some companies all the time, and by others only occasionally. Many companies who use this method of work have, as their starting point, a strong left-wing approach to their subject matter, and they cannot be considered as mere tools of the education system. Rather, they act as outside questioners, looking at ideas and values in society.