Applied Theatre: Open Space Workshops; Team-building, Dynamisation; Focus Groups etc.

1Open space workshops

Our Open Space Workshops afford an inspiring meeting for any group of people, community members, employees, students etc., without the confining setting of conferences, overloaded by a strict program full of de-motivated ‘’speakers’’ who will be reading long and monotonous presentations.

Open space workshops provide a highly democratic framework for enabling any group of people to create their own program of discussions on almost any theme (Current State of Affairs; Self Awareness; Unity; Team Work; Attitude; Support; Trust; Application and Implementation) without much preparation. Open Space is particularly useful for dealing with general and critical issues, for generating enthusiasm and for dealing with urgent issues needing quick action.

2Teambuilding activations

Our Team Building Interventions are designed to physically and mentally challenge your delegates whilst providing an avenue for equipping them with skills that are necessary to deal with challenges they come across in their everyday work lives including: Effective Communication Skills, Collective Consciousness, Conflict Resolution, Team Ethics, Developing Trust; Attitude Development and Interpersonal Growth.

Delegates will stay together throughout the event and pool their talents and resources together to complete the tasks with optimum success. ‘’One person’s weakness is another’s strength’’ and the program is designed to offer a variety of opportunities to excel as well as to participate in a common vision.

This intervention is fun and invigorating and has been created to encourage participants to look at themselves in a humorous and non-offensive way.

Our facilitators will run the event and guide and keep track of participants as they advance through the different stages. This intervention is designed to adapt to most venues. The group will be divided into teams of delegates who will compete head to head in most challenges while some activities will be run on a rotation basis. Tasks will be explained and executed accordingly.

Our Teambuilding Programs are an effective way to motivate people, to instil pride in them, to develop and maintain their values as well as to inspire and reward them.

3Diversity and Transformation in the workplace

Amongst other information to be supplied by the client, an in-depth study of any relevant literature will be used as the baseline for the costumer’s requirements and will also assist us to align the script to objectives of the project.

The dominant and primary themes of a show can be:
  • Diversity and Transformation
  • Race & Racism [Blunt & Subliminal]
  • Culture Change [Corporate Identity]
  • Discrimination [Entitlement]
  • Isolation [Exclusion]
  • Gender [Power Struggle]
  • Ethnicity [Diversity]

Secondary messages will include:
  • Background of Company
  • The Vision and Mission
  • Understanding Transformation
  • The different Programs offered by the Company
4Focus group discussions

Most people love to be asked their opinion and they're generally not shy about voicing it. Much like our Open Space Workshops, our Focus Group Discussions are an innovative way to reach out to our client’s target market for feedback and comment.

Organizations generally use our focus group discussions in planning, marketing, or evaluation, to improve some specific quality of life in a given collective, we use this method as it is inclusive and non-didactic, and it gives people a freedom to express their wishes in terms of how they would like to see change effected in their lives and communities.

In the context of our community based programs, our focus group discussions help community members on different sides of the fence to get each other’s points of views to ensuing challenges and to get them to listen to each other’s perceived solutions to the status quo.

We use Focus Group Discussions to help communities answer questions that they previously were not able to resolve and can lead to new ideas. Specifically, our focus group discussions concentrate on gathering opinions, beliefs, and attitudes about issues of interest.